Sound Moves

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Sound Moves
As much as I love my IPOD I really feel like it’s destroying personal interaction, along with cell phones and other forms of technology. Its interesting reading the personal statements of the individuals in this article because I can relate to some and I’m irritated by others. I can say I defiantly wear my IPOD when I don’t want to be bothered, sometimes when I’m at home doing work or I just don’t want to be bothered by anyone in the house. When I’m outside my house the only time I really use my IPOD is when I’m at the gym, walking or using some other form of transportation. I rarely wear my IPOD if I’m in a store and if I happen to have it on I never talk to someone with my earphones stuck in my ear because I think that’s terribly rude. I could be bias though since I work in customer service it’s one of the most annoying things when people are so involved with their devices that they can’t pay attention to what I’m saying or asking. One statement in this article that really annoyed me and related to something that’s happened at my job was the guy who said he’ll just point to his earphones as a way to avoid any interaction or interruption if someone starts speaking to him. I mean I know we all want to be left alone sometimes but seriously if your so involved with your IPOD that you can’t even vocalize a word or have the common courtesy to say oh I didn’t hear you I have my IPOD on then I feel like that’s a problem. I also don’t understand the people who go out to dinner with other people and they sit at the table with IPOD on. I mean if you can’t go to dinner and socialize with the people at the table then don’t go out, stay home! I completely understand the need to be alone sometimes and left alone by others but if you happen to be with a group of people you like doing something social, why is it necessary to isolate yourself in your music? I mean there was even a statement in the article about a guy who listened to his IPOD in a bar and apparently that’s a good conversation starter. Why would you go to a bar and listen to your IPOD? I just don’t understand that, and if I was at a bar and saw someone sitting there with their IPOD in I most likely wouldn’t go up to them and start a conversation because I would assume they didn’t want to be bothered. You really can’t go anywhere nowadays without seeing someone with music in their ears, or a phone in their hand or to their ear. It’s funny because it seems like either people want to be completely left alone in isolation through their music or they want to be totally connected through texting, email, social networking or talking on the phone. It’s almost like there can be no in between.

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    These moves are moves which use sound. Pokémon with the Soundproof Ability are immune to all of these moves, and in Generation VI, Pokémon behind

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